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Is a celebrant wedding for us if we don’t want a super lovey-dovey ceremony?

Pinterest image - Is a celebrant wedding right for us?

Being a wedding celebrant, I get a lot of questions asked quite frequently. What does "wedding celebrant" mean (the answer is here, if you’re wondering), do I love it (more than anything), and is it even real (this one’s often asked by middle-aged men who think they’re being funny, and they don’t expect my confident response of: YES 100%, it's the most authentic way to get married actually.)

But the question I want to talk about today, which I get asked again and again, is: “Is a celebrant wedding for us?”

Alt couple wondering whether a celebrant wedding is for them because they don't want a sentimental ceremony. It's perfect for them!

“Is a celebrant wedding for us?”

Often, this question comes up when one member of a couple realises how amazing a celebrant wedding will be for them, but their partner is worried that it might be a bit too much.

Usually, they’ll respond with something like "Oh we probably just want a quick ceremony, don't we?", "We don't want loads of mushy stuff in the ceremony" or "It’s not very us to be lovey-dovey!” All of these are very good reasons to ask “Is a celebrant wedding for us?” – and I’m delighted to tell you the answer is YES!

That’s because: celebrant weddings aren't just for lovey-dovey couples. Not all couples are sentimental or relish the idea of having their ‘love story’ told through their ceremony. In fact, lots of people I work with tell me quite quickly that they’re not up for lots of mushy stuff.

This is especially true as a Yorkshire wedding celebrant, where we often have a reputation for being, shall we say, stoic – where mushy is for peas and cheese is for on top of fruit cake. (If you haven’t tried it, you can thank me later.)

Is a celebrant wedding for us if we don't want a lovey-dovey ceremony? Man on his wedding day celebrating

Instead, I work with a lot of couples who want their wedding to be: fun/colourful/boozy/a party with their pals. And that’s why the answer to “Is a celebrant wedding for us?” is always yes: because it can be all of those things and more.

In fact, the whole point of a celebrant wedding is that it's meaningful for you. It's about YOU. So if you're jokey, quiet, private, or something else, I will match that vibe. A celebrant wedding isn’t just right for you; it’s MADE for you.

(Sentimental couples, I see you too; this means that of course we can do wildly romantic if that’s your thing!)

Is a celebrant wedding right for us? Betti and Aff, a tattooed couple with an alternative vibe, standing together at their outdoor wedding

Why celebrant weddings are great for non-mushy couples

So now you know the answer to “Is a celebrant wedding for us?” is a big fat YES: here’s how it looks on the day itself.

You’ll be comfortable the entire time

If one of you is less comfortable with the romantic stuff, I can balance out the sentimentality to suit you as a couple, and make sure I’m working to your level. I do this by making sure it's delivered with humour and warmth, and not in a toe-curlingly earnest fashion. An added bonus this way is that the partner who wants to hear a little more loveliness is happy too!

A squirm-free ceremony

With a celebrant wedding, you can tell me the stuff you like about each other and your relationship and I will say it for you. This means it’s still a little bit nice to be nice, but you don’t have to feel icky and squirm whilst forcing the words out!

With wording that reflects you

In fact, you don't have to say anything which isn't relevant to you or doesn't resonate. You can be authentically unsentimental and not say a word about being “soul mates” or "love at first sight", if that’s not your vibe.

Is a celebrant wedding for us? Alt couple standing under floral arch during their ceremony

Instead, we can talk about how your relationship originally got started because you realised you lived 5 minutes away from each other when walking home from your first Bumble date, and it was convenient (like my wonderful couple Alex and Sarah, whose wedding you can see here.) Or perhaps it was definitely not love at first sight – like my brilliant couple Katherine and Matt, who met at a fancy dress party dressed as Amy Winehouse and... wait for it... Jeremy Clarkson.

Alternatively, you could even pull a practical joke mid-ceremony like Hannah did: as her and Mark are big Brooklyn 99 fans, she got me to announce a bomb threat, and followed up with “Your butt. Your butt is da bomb”!

This is why I say the answer to “Is a celebrant wedding for us?” is always yes – because it can literally be whatever you want it to be.

And why a celebrant wedding is actually the best option

Of course, as a wedding celebrant I’m going to be biased and think celebrant weddings are perfect for everyone. (Sue me!) (Please don’t sue me.) But truthfully, if you usually call each other mean names and never actually say I love you in so many words, a celebrant wedding is actually PERFECT for you – because you don't have to pretend.

In a civil or religious ceremony there’s very little that can be changed: and as such, you do have to say some (arguably) cheesy words. But if you're honest with me about what you're comfortable with, then I will create something that fits you like a glove.

Is a celebrant wedding for us? Betti and Aff laughing during their woodland wedding

So there you have it: the answer to the question “Is a celebrant wedding for us?”, if you want to make sure your ceremony isn’t too full of the lovey-dovey stuff.

Looking for someone to guide you through it? I’d love to talk about being your wedding celebrant and bringing your ceremony to life. You can get in touch to chat about your wedding plans – however mushy or un-mushy they may be…

The wild woodland wedding featured in these images was a photoshoot masterminded by Abbey at Empty Quarter Events. All credit goes to Natalie Hamilton wedding photographer for the stunning shots!

You might like to check out these other incredible suppliers who were involved in the shoot. You'll find them all on Instagram:

Real couple models - @wildflowerCouple

Photographer – @NatalieHamiltonPhotography

Venue / Pizza – @TheBoatyard_York

Tent / Furniture – @EmptyQuarterEvents

Styling / VW Campervan - @LimelightWeddingEmporium

Florals – @IntoTheMeadow_Wildflowers + @Floral_Fledgling

Cake – @ValkyrieCakesYork

Hair – @Hcobridalhair

Dress – @bridalrelovedyork

Suit – @HaworthMenswear

Celebrant – @MegSeniorCeremonies

Stationary – @WhatKatyDid89

Jackets – @NiamhDesigns


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