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What is it and how do we do it?

An elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony with just the two of you. You can make the vows you’ve been longing to make, anywhere you like in the world.


You have the option to keep your elopement a complete secret until after the ceremony. You can announce the news of your marriage once you have photos and memories to share with everyone. If you want double the celebration then you can always have a bigger party later too!

Peak District Elopement
Meg Senior Peak District Elopement


Meg Senior Peak District Elopement
  1. First choose a gorgeous spot to make your commitment. Contact me for ideas if you’re stuck

Meg Senior Peak District Elopement

2. Then work with me as your celebrant to create a completely personal ceremony

Meg Senior Peak District Elopement

3. Grab a photographer to capture memories. I can recommend some excellent people if you need help. Becky Payne is one of my favourites to collaborate with on elopements

Meg Senior Peak District Elopement

4. You might like to invite a few select guests who can keep a secret, especially if they’re dog-shaped family members

Meg Senior Peak District Elopement

5. March up that hill / along the beach / through the woods and GET WED!


Peak District Elopement

There are lots of reasons. Eloping can be planned in a much shorter timeframe than a traditional wedding. As a couple you’ll get to have a more relaxed vibe on your day, with less stress and more spontaneity.


Naturally a big selling point is that you can bring your dog. Want them to give a paw of approval for your marriage? No problem, let’s do it.


Maybe the idea of a big wedding with lots of guests isn’t for you, or you’d prefer to say your wedding vows only to one another with no one else watching. Perhaps you’re craving more adventure and less tradition.


Many couples feel that a humanist elopement is more aligned with their values. It’s an experience to remember rather than a whole spreadsheet of things to buy and organise. An elopement involving two people can be done in a way which minimises our impact on the environment, which can be incredibly difficult with a big wedding day.


Quite possibly you have a reason that’s completely different. Your elopement can be as unique, unusual and unexpected as the rest of the adventures in your life.


I’m biased because I live on the doorstep, but Peak District elopements are the best! I love to amble out into the wilds of the Peak District with adventurous couples. There are so many stunning views to choose from in the Hope Valley especially. Places like Curbar Edge and Bamford Edge make such a memorable backdrop to those all important marriage vows.


My role as your elopement celebrant is to help you have a day you’ll love.

Do check out how I work with couples.


~ A scoping visit with you to the ceremony location

~ Extra time after the ceremony whilst you have your photos (handy for holding the dog’s lead whilst you get some couple shots)

~ And I bring my kit bag full of elopement essentials:
A celebratory toast, cosy blanket, hot chocolate thermos, dog treats, and your vows

Humanist Elopement


You might be at the very start of your adventure, and still be wondering whether a humanist elopement is for you. If you’ve never considered getting married before and you’re feeling a bit rebellious, give me a shout. Drop me a message and I can help you with your plans.

Humanist elopement


“You perfectly captured the exact vibe we wanted for our elopement, it was even better than we could have imagined. You’re the best!”



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