The personal approach to wedding ceremonies


The best thing about a humanist wedding is that anything is possible! You are in complete control and therefore your ceremony will be a reflection of you as a couple. You might like to have a relatively traditional wedding ceremony with some personal touches weaved throughout, or you might want something more quirky and distinct.

My job as your celebrant is to ask the right questions and listen closely to you, so that we can create a ceremony which reflects you as a couple and all you want your wedding to be. I will help draw together the personal elements you would like to include, such as vows, readings and music.

On your wedding day when you tell everyone how much you love one another, the script we have crafted will result in a beautiful, memorable, humanist celebration for you and your guests.

About you and your wedding…


Oh how lovely, you’re planning a wedding? HOORAY I’m sending you my very best wishes!

I’m guessing… You want to create an occasion that reflects you as a couple and your unique story. You’re looking for a way to celebrate your marriage which isn’t religious, but doesn’t exclude some of your favourite people you’ll be inviting as guests.

You want your wedding to take place somewhere meaningful to you, and include special touches that are fun and memorable. You definitely don’t want a one-size-fits-all ceremony that everyone wishes was over quickly.

The idea of meeting a stranger on the day of your wedding and letting them host the most significant event of your life feels weird. You’d like a humanist celebrant who you get on with, who makes your guests feel welcome, helps you enjoy your day and keeps everything running smoothly.

This is exactly where I come in!

“Remarkable is an understatement, Meg organised my wedding ceremony, worked closely with my singer and photographer to make everything work. I could not have done the day without her, I was totally stress free. From the deepest parts of our newlywed hearts, THANK YOU. You really made our day!”

Humanist vow renewal ceremonies


We can never have enough love in our lives. Vow renewals are a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone anniversary and reaffirm your loving commitment to one another.

Renewals are also perfect for couples whose original wedding day was affected by the pandemic. We’ll plan together just as we would for a wedding, and we can include extra little details connected to your original day, making it twice as special.

Humanist elopements 


An elopement is an intimate ceremony with just the two of you. You can make the vows you’ve been longing to make, anywhere you like in the world. First pick a celebrant to conduct a completely personal ceremony then choose a gorgeous spot to make your commitment.


Invite a few select guests if you like, especially if they’re dog-shaped family members. Grab a photographer and march up that hill/along the beach/through the woods. GET WED!