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You might be thinking:
What does a celebrant actually do?
Here's how I work with my couples.

If you haven’t been to a humanist wedding before you might be wondering how it all works. The chances are that unless you’re a wedding planner, you haven’t organised hundreds of weddings, so it’s completely reasonable to have some questions.

What is a wedding celebrant


In a nutshell, my role as your celebrant is to host your wedding ceremony and to make sure that part of your day is reflective of you as a couple. I want you to love your wedding ceremony and to really enjoy planning it, so my approach is down-to-earth and non-judgemental.

It’s pretty handy that I've had formal coaching training, so I like to think I’ve got the skills of a super reliable best mate who you can cry your eyes out and laugh your head off with. Usually there’s more laughing than crying obviously!

Think of me as your scriptwriter, story-teller and trusted friend who has got your best interests at heart. I can help you cut through the noise created by opinionated loved ones who “just want to give you some advice” about what you “should” do for your wedding.

What is a wedding celebrant



It’s obvious to say but the person who marries you is responsible for a big chunk of your wedding day. One of the main reasons to choose a humanist wedding is being able to get to know your celebrant in advance of your day.


How this works with me is super simple…


First so you can be sure I’m the right wedding celebrant for you, we will have a chemistry call via Zoom. This is a chance to tell me all your juicy plans, ask me any burning questions and see if we’ve got the chemistry to work together.


Once you’ve decided to book, we will sort your contract and booking fee.
You can read about my fees here.


Next I’ll send you a planning date night with lots of questions to think about. I promise you’ll love this bit. Imagine getting to hear from your other half all the things they love about you and your relationship. It’s super cute and lots of fun!


After your date night we’ll have an epic discussion so I can really understand you as a couple and what you want from your humanist ceremony.


Then it’s over to me to create a bespoke wedding ceremony script which captures your story. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to make edits and suggestions. We’ll work on it until you’re completely happy that it’s right.

What is a wedding celebrant


Thanks to our time getting to know one another, on your wedding day I’ll have a really good idea of the type of atmosphere you’d like for your guests. You will be able to rock up feeling completely relaxed about your ceremony, safe in the knowledge that I’ve got everything covered.


I only ever conduct one wedding a day so on your big day, I’m all yours. I will arrive an hour early and will liaise with your suppliers and the wedding party to ensure that everything is on track and will run smoothly.


All that remains at that point is to CELEBRATE! I’ll lead your completely individual ceremony and it will be a beautiful, memorable and downright MAGNIFICENT celebration for you and your guests.


Finally I’ll give you a keepsake copy of your ceremony script so you can re-live it all!


Still have questions?

What is a wedding celebrant


“It felt like a new friend getting to know us both. Meg was the perfect human to bring our story together and tell it to our world.”
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