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Vow writing support

Vow renewals

Ceremony mentoring

If you don't see a service listed on this page, but it seems like the thing that your friendly neighbourhood celebrant could help with, drop me a message and we can chat.

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I adore helping people create memorable experiences that celebrate authenticity and individuality. This extends beyond ceremonies themselves, to help writing wedding vows no matter what type of wedding you are having. 


Whether you're getting wed with a registrar in a civil ceremony, with a friend or family member hosting your wedding, or even eloping just the two of you. I so recommend taking the time to write your own vows to add your personality into your ceremony. You’ll have the best memories afterwards!


“Meg’s help made the experience of writing our own vows less nerve wracking.”

“We LOVED the vow writing support package. So much better than sifting through Google! You gave a lovely variety of examples and made us see more clearly the different styles and layouts.”

“Meg, thank you so much! We both think you've written the vow writing guide so beautifully. It really draws you in and excites you. We loved loved LOVED it!”


This service is for you if you'd like to exchange personal vows in your wedding ceremony. It's important to you not to say the same old traditional thing that everyone has heard a thousand times.


But you are probably thinking: How do I start writing my wedding vows? What is the best way to write wedding vows? What are some examples of personal wedding vows?

Don't fret my loves, I've got you covered.


My personalised vow writing support package includes:

  • An online workshop to support and guide you. It’s dedicated time to focus on the two of you and what’s important in your relationship

  • A complete vow writing guide, with lots of inspiration and even a fill-the-blanks set of vows. You won’t feel daunted by a blank page, and will have all the materials you need to write your vows


Need help writing your wedding vows?

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We can never have enough love in our lives. Vow renewals or “re-weddings” are a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone anniversary and reaffirm your loving commitment to one another.


Renewals and re-weddings are also perfect for couples whose original wedding day wasn't everything you might have hoped for any number of reasons. We’ll plan together just as we would for a wedding, and we can include extra little details connected to your original day, making it twice as special.


For outdoorsy couples who want to renew their vows, elopement vow renewals are beautifully intimate and authentic. They can be an adventurous way to celebrate an anniversary and experience laid-back, wild romance.

humanist wedding celebrant
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Have you been asked to lead a ceremony for a close friend or family member? It's super generous of you to give them your time in this way, but I'm guessing you need a bit of support to prepare. A Mentored-By-Meg session will help you to feel confident about...

  • What elements to include in the ceremony

  • What to say and when

  • Ceremony choreography

  • Your presentation style

And for couples who have appointed a friend or family member to lead your wedding ceremony: Booking a Mentored-By-Meg session for your chosen ceremony host is a great way to make sure your wedding goes smoothly. You can even attend the session alongside them so that you can all ask questions together.

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