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10 fun alternatives to walking down the aisle | Ideas for ceremony entrance

Planning a fun wedding ceremony and want to buck tradition with an alternative ceremony entrance? This blog is for you. I’ve rounded up my top 10 alternatives to walking down the aisle.

As with all things weddings, there’s a very traditional way of making your entrance – that is, a bride being “given away” by her Dad. But as a humanist wedding celebrant who lives for a fun wedding ceremony, I thought I’d highlight some alternative ceremony entrance ideas that you might want to consider instead. So, without further ado – but with lots of I do – here’s 10 alternatives to walking down the aisle!

(Of course, this comes with a caveat: ceremonies with a more traditional entrance can still be super fun, and you can be a woman who wants to smash the patriarchy and still have a male relative walk you down the aisle. No judgement, no shade here!)

A couple standing in front of their humanist wedding celebrant, Meg Senior. They are looking at each other smiling on their wedding day.

Alternatives to walking down the aisle the traditional way

If you like the idea of an alternative ceremony entrance but equally like the idea of walking down the aisle, here’s how you could mix it up a little…

Come in together as a couple

Start your wedding as you mean to go on throughout your marriage, and enter the room together as a couple. This alternative ceremony entrance is a wonderful way of not only acknowledging but also celebrating the equality of your relationship.

And remember, as you enter, don’t be afraid to shake people’s hands, hug, and kiss your guests as you pass them. They’re there for you!

Both walk down the aisle, one after the other

Why should only one of you get all the fun? And perhaps the more pertinent question: what’s stopping you from both having an aisle walk (other than tradition, which can get in the bin if it’s not your vibe)?

You can totally personalise how you’d like your aisle walk to go. If you want it to be romantic, impactful and emotional, you could each choose to walk to a song that holds meaning for you as a couple. Or perhaps you want your alternative ceremony entrance to be more dramatic, like when wrestlers enter the ring: there’ll be no doubt in your guests’ mind that they’re in for a rip-roaringly fun wedding ceremony after that.

Arrive with your posse

I repeat the above: why should only one person get all the fun?! Whoever constitutes your Inner Circle – your best people, chosen family, parents, children, your Ride or Dies – they can all proudly accompany you down the aisle. The only limit is your imagination (and the aisle width, but even then: ever heard of a Conga line?)

Get your pet to “give you away”

Whether it’s a pet you got together, or your trusty sidekick of yore who would have sealed your partner’s fate if they hadn’t liked them, your pet “giving you away” is one of the cutest alternatives to walking down the aisle. It works best with dogs, because they can give you a paw of approval during the ceremony too – but cats, bunnies, ferrets and other furry friends are just as welcome.

A laughing lesbian couple in wedding dresses sit together in a cinema eating sweets before their humanist wedding ceremony begins

Starting your ceremony with alternatives to walking down the aisle

Perhaps you love the idea of alternatives to walking down the aisle, but you’re worried an alternative ceremony entrance won’t bring enough emotional gravitas. Don’t worry: I got you!

Set the scene by playing a wedding trailer on a screen

This is one of my favourite alternatives to walking down the aisle, because it has such an incredible effect on those present.

What your trailer consists of is totally up to you: it could be a slideshow of pictures throughout your relationship, or a fully edited mini movie production! This one’s a great way of immediately setting the tone for your guests, when they realise this isn’t going to be like any other wedding they’ve been to before. Even the cockiest of cinema-goers wouldn’t dare talk over a love like this…

Open with a reading that you both love

Another one of my favourite alternative ceremony entrance ideas is drawing your guests in with a reading that you love. It could be from a book, a poem, a viral Instagram quote graphic, or your favourite film or TV series; whatever means something to the both of you. Ask a trusted friend to lead this section, or as your humanist wedding celebrant I’d be happy to!

(I know I’m biased, but it’s worth saying: having a humanist wedding celebrant really does allow you to have not only a fun wedding ceremony, but a totally personalised one, with only readings that really resonate.)

Play that funky music

Eschew the classic slow song and instead embrace an absolute banger as an alternative to walking down the aisle – or dancing, as the case may be. Boogie down the aisle with your beau, your crew, or both. You could also get every guest on their feet – by which I mean I, as your humanist wedding celebrant, will ensure everyone who is able to is up and dancing before you make your entrance.

One of my couples did just this, and even asked people who couldn’t attend in person to play the same song at the same time, wherever they were in the world. This way, you can have a shared experience with all your loved ones across the globe – pretty special, if you ask me.

Wedding guests facing towards a bride and groom at the start of their humanist wedding ceremony

More alternatives to walking down the aisle for fun wedding ceremony vibes

Introduce each other as if you’re introducing someone at a gig

This is a bit of a wildcard suggestion, but if you enjoy being centre stage then this alternative ceremony entrance is for you. Each have a turn at bigging the other up, charging the atmosphere ‘til it’s fully electric, and getting your guests to give your beloved the huge warm welcome they deserve. (In this way, you’re kind of acting like a warm-up act at a gig…but of course, you’re both the main stars.) You’ll feel a beautiful combination of pumped up and adored: the perfect way to feel at the start of a super fun wedding ceremony.

Acknowledge all of the parental figures

Lots of my couples choose to do this, sometimes in addition to but other times as one of their alternatives to walking down the aisle with them. The key bit is when your humanist wedding celebrant then asks all parents/parent-types if they support you in your decision to get married. It’s a much nicer replacement to the icky “Who gives away this bride?” question, and a lovely way to celebrate their happiness for you on the day.

Don’t hide before your fun wedding ceremony!

If you don’t want to keep away from your guests before your fun wedding ceremony: don’t! Mingle with your loved ones beforehand, welcome them as they arrive. Squeeze every moment of fun with them that you can. It won’t make your entrance any less incredible if they’ve seen you beforehand.

Which of these alternatives to walking down the aisle was your favourite? If any of those alternative ceremony entrance ideas sparked a little something in you, I think you’d absolutely love a humanist wedding celebrant. It’s our job to craft a memorable, personal, fun wedding ceremony for you. Check out my blog on how to find the right humanist wedding celebrant for you!


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