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  • Meg Senior

Humanist ceremonies at Yorkshire wedding venues

When I adore a venue, I rave about it. Not every Yorkshire wedding venue is created equal. I've been to some less-than-beautiful ones as well lots I've loved.

This post is my way of helping you in your quest to find alternative wedding venues in Yorkshire. I only recommend places which I genuinely rate, I never get paid to write about them, and (if I do say so myself) I have pretty high standards.

I spent the majority of a decade working in events, and I've seen behind the scenes of dozens - perhaps even hundreds - of venues. I can say quite proudly that Yorkshire has some of the best places to get married as a county.

I really mean it when I boast about our beautiful Northern county. Mr Senior and I decided to get married here, despite living in London when we were getting wed. Of course I travel all over the world in the name of love, but this post is dedicated to the place I now call home and it's very best alternative wedding venues.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my favourite Yorkshire places to get married.


Magical secret garden near Yorkshire | Helperby Walled Garden

Couple standing on steps of Edwardian cupola in Helperby Walled Garden
Photo credit: Natalie Hamilton Photography

Just half an hour away from York, Helperby Walled Garden is an exquisite setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony. It's currently Yorkshire's best kept secret following a big facelift recently. Only a handful of couples have got married there so far, so if you're looking for somewhere exclusive and secluded for your wedding this spot could be for you.

I don't imagine Helperby will remain a secret for long because - frankly - it's almost outrageously photogenic. There are so many locations for drop dead gorgeous photos that your photographer will be spoiled for choice. The red brick, ivy covered walls will give the most picturesque backdrop as your guests mill around on the lawn.

Personally my favourite space in the garden is the Edwardian cupola, which is where you'll stand for your ceremony. I mean just look at it. How is it possible to be grand and laidback at the same time? Somehow Helperby Walled Garden manages it.

I adore Helperby so much that I waxed lyrical about it on a blog for DINE (who manage the venue) Check it out: Magical wedding location in the heart of Yorkshire.


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